Glop, the aquatic based member of the International League of Super-Transbeings, just wanted a peaceful walk. What he got instead was a horde of buzzing, laser-equipped drones that wanted him  dead.

Does Glop survive or will he become fish sticks? The choice is up to you.


Code editor: Twine
Sounds: Apple GarageBand by Apple
Music: Apple GarageBand by Apple
Graphic design, Illustrations: Procreate by Savage interactive Pty Ltd 
Animation: Animation Pro by Stephen Keen

Based on characters and settings found in the Joe Rover eBooks.

All characters, organizations, and locations in this game  have no existence outside the imagination of the author/developer and have no relation to anyone bearing the same name or names. Any resemblance to individuals known or unknown to the author/developer are purely coincidental.

Copyright 2016-Present. All rights reserved.

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